Hello and Welcome,

My name is Christian Hatt, I am a certified veterinarian nurse and dog healer with a passion for our canine companions and wolves. I grew up in Ontario and was surrounded by dogs my entire life. They have been an essential part of my life and I developed a heightened sense to communicate with our four legged friends. This communication is based on body language, pack mentality and intuition - I can see the world through their eyes.

I understand dog whispering as an art form of healing that will help improving the relationship between human and animal. I am not performing magic tricks, I am a healer that helps you understand your dog and I heal your dog by helping him/her understand you. This interspecies communication is the key to a powerful and respectful relationship. 

I will guide you on your way to becoming the leader of your pack, even it is just one and change the behaviour of your troubled canine.