Well I’m here to say Christian made it possible to ‘teach an old dog new tricks’, and that includes us too! My husband and I needed help with our beloved 12 year old cock-a-poo.

Our goal was to have our dog accept our daughter’s new puppy into our extended family.  Our 1st introduction did not go very well.  That is what led us to contact Christian.

Christian met us at our daughter’s home in Whistler and taught all of us (adults and kids) about the nature of pack order. His teachings were logical and clear, not difficult to follow. We all learned how to be calm assertive leaders to our senior dog and their new puppy.  We also learned when to show love and praise. 

What Christian taught us has taken our relationship with our dogs to an even higher level. Our dog now accepts our daughter’s puppy and is much calmer as a result of us understanding pack hierarchy and where we all fit in. 

We would highly recommend Christian to assist you with teaching your new puppy or helping with difficulties you may be having with an older dog…it’s never too late!

Christian loves and understands animal behavior and is an excellent teacher - conscientious and reliable.

Thank you Chrisitan! We only wish we had met you sooner.

Lynn and Lorne Mattson
West Vancouver, B.C.

Ilo left and Olive on the right.


"We called The Dogfather out of desperation, we needed an outside opinion about whether our “very spirited” snarly puppy was going to be a good fit for our family after the breeder suggested perhaps she was “just too much dog for us”.  Christian made time to come over and meet with us as soon as I called.  Within minutes of meeting our pup, her demeanor changed.  I could see all we needed was some guidance and support.  It’s amazing how much Widget loves Christian, he has a very unique and special way with dogs and has been 100 percent available for any of our questions and concerns.  I’m so thankful that I called him and am looking forward to working with him as our puppy grows up."


My husband and I rescued Ruby approximately 4 years ago.  She had previously lived in a home with drug addicts and had never been exposed to anything and never walked before coming to the foster home.  When we first adopted Ruby, she was scared of everything…birds, bikes, cars, wheelchairs, baby strollers, skateboards.  You name it, she reacted to it but lunging and barking.  Overtime and with more exposure, she reacted less and less to everything except other dogs.  We were that couple that had to switch sides of the street to avoid other dogs or have the embarrassing dog meltdown.  We had taken a variety of classes, which helped some but never quite “cured” the problem.  Ruby would get used to the other dogs in the class and stop reacting.  Then we would go for a walk in our neighbourhood and Ruby would go back to being reactive again.  

We were recommended Christian by a friend.  After learning how to “pin” Ruby, it was like we had a different dog.  She stop patrolling and started actually enjoying our walks.  We saw her wag her tail while out….a sight that neither my husband or I had ever seen.  Ruby still has the occasional reaction (running dogs and big fluffy dogs are still her nemesis) but she is doing so much better.  And my husband and I are more calm and confident out on walks which also helps.  I cannot recommend Christian enough to anyone who has a reactive dog.