Chief Dakota

Breed: 90% Wolf 10% Malamute
DOB: Aug 28 2014

After my wolf dog sunny died I soon realized he had provided me the ability to work with hybrid wolves. Sunny guided me to Chief, the universe brought us together and our relationship constantly improves. Chief is growing rapidly and will soon be the canine of our pack. 

Rosie Raven


Breed: 90% Wolf 10% Malamute
DOB: Aug 28 2014

Raven is Chief's younger sister and it a was a last minute decision to adopt her together with Chief. They already had a strong bond when I met them and it would have broken their hearts and mine to split them. Raven is slightly smaller than Chief, his best friend and learning and maturing quickly.

Lakoda Sioux

Breed: Shepard and Siberian Husky
DOB: May 1999

I found Lakoda under are porch alone and scared. I took her on and she proved to become a strong secure female that all healthy packs need. She has adopted 100's of dogs and provided guidance and leadership yet she never had any herself.